Heroines 🦸‍♀️ & 🦸‍♂️ Heroes

So many people have made a dif­fer­ence for the LEOSS pro­ject. They con­trib­uted their time, know­ledge and ideas. We could­n’t be more grate­ful for truly excep­tion­al ded­ic­a­tion to our shared mission.

We appreciate…

  • All our study coordin­at­ors for ini­ti­at­ing LEOSS at their study site 
  • All our doc­u­ment­al­ist that trans­late case records to LEOSS data
  • Med­ic­al stu­dents every­where sup­port­ing LEOSS by documenting 

  • Phil­ipp for his crit­ic­al and super import­ant com­ments on the LEOSS eCRF 🙂
  • Ker­stin & Achim for devel­op­ing the MS sub-questionnaire 🧠
  • Mar­ie for lead­ing the devel­op­ment of the Onco­logy sub-questionnaire 🦀
  • Math­i­as & Alex­an­der for the devel­op­ment of our Rheum­at­o­logy sub-questionnaire 🦴
  • Stefanie, Andreas & Sebasti­an who are our car­di­ology her­oes ❤️
  • Hans Jür­gen & Mar­tin as our HIV experts 🩸
  • Chritian & Susanne for includ­ing import­ant trans­plant ques­tion items in LEOSS 👍
  • Bernd for relent­lessly improv­ing the Apher­es­is sub questionnaire 💉
  • Ray­mond, Stef­fen & Claudia who added our pal­li­at­ive care questions 💐
  • Il-Kang, Jens, Achim, Mar­ie, Alex­an­der & Ker­stin for super focused work on immun­osup­press­ive meds in LEOSS 💊
  • Sigi for push­ing our eCRF for­ward with great suggestions 👏
  • Kath­ar­ina & Flori­an for being our AWESOME LEOSS DevOps Team! 👩💻👨💻
  • Tony for sup­port­ing LEOSS with a liv­er sub-questionnaire! 🍷
  • Andreas for mak­ing our dia­betes sub-ques­tion­naire a reality 🍬
  • Paula for sug­gest­ing to add ‘reas­on for admis­sion’ to the questionnaire 👏
  • … this is by far not the end of the list. We will update it shortly!

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