Data Use and Access Policy has been developed with­in the com­munity and with the involve­ment of sev­er­al experts. The cur­rent ver­sion can be found here.

After imple­ment­ing a data clean­ing and data anonym­iz­a­tion pro­cess we star­ted pub­lish­ing the pub­lic data set of the LEOSS cohort study.

Inter­act­ive Dashboard
Python Jupy­ter Notebook

LEOSS public data set

The LEOSS pub­lic data set con­sti­tutes patient data from the LEOSS cohort after a data clean­ing pro­cess, e.g. veri­fic­a­tions for com­plete doc­u­ment­a­tion of the course of dis­ease and plaus­ib­il­ity checks. Vari­ables included are:

  • age
  • gender
  • month of diagnosis
  • clas­si­fic­a­tion of the present clin­ic­al phases
  • out­come
  • pres­ence of admin­istered vasopressor agents
  • per­formed invas­ive ventilation
  • super­in­fec­tions (proven/​suspected/​probable as one category)
  • remain­ing symp­toms in the recov­ery phase 

The pub­lic data set is anonym­ized using our data pro­tec­tion concept and DOI: 10.1038/s41597-020–00773‑y. Sev­er­al para­met­ers refer to clin­ic­al phases. Val­ues where the respect­ive phase was not present have been defined as Not applic­able (N/​a)

Metadata for con­tex­tu­al know­ledge of the LEOSS data can be retrieved from the MDM (Med­ic­al Data-Models)-Portal.

🚨 Please be aware that this is only a part of the com­plete LEOSS data­set (due to anonymization).

LEOSS public data analysis

We had cre­ated a Jupy­ter Note­book to provide an easy-to-run way for any­body inter­ested in con­duct­ing their own ana­lys­is. You can use the code as a start­ing point which can be down­loaded on the right site. Install­a­tion instruc­tions for the Jupy­ter Note­book inter­face can be found here:

The Jupy­ter note­book con­tains descript­ive ana­lys­is on age, sex, patient’s health status, vasopressor sup­port, invas­ive vent­il­a­tion, symp­toms and super­in­fec­tions etc.

If you are only inter­ested in look­ing into the data, you can use the link below to find an HTML ver­sion of the Jupy­ter note­book which will be updated regularly.

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